5 Things To Do When in Valencia Spain

For centuries now, Spain has been a favorite spot for tourists all over the world. Its many beautiful cities, holding cultural, historical and modern artifacts have been the center of attraction. The beaches and shopping centers have also attracted many. Spanish recipes are also perfect in this country. However, if you happen to visit the city of Valencia, you are in the right place. Below are the 5 things to do when in Valencia, Spain:

1. Valencia Cathedral.

Valencia is in the books of history as being among the cities that claim to be in custody of the Holy Grail-the cup that Jesus Christ used at the last supper with His disciples. So many other places are in the world claim to also have the cup.

When you visit the old cathedral in Valencia, you will have the chance to see the Holy Grail. You can also climb the Miguelete bell tower and enjoy a very nice aerial view of the city of Valencia. If you love art, there are 2 Goya paintings at the San Francisco de Borja Chapel.

2. The Central market of Valencia.

The Central Market is a modern building that you will truly admire. At the Central market, you will have a closer look at the day to day activities of Valencianos. The famous market is subdivided into stalls; meat section, fruits section, etc. You will have a chance to see some very strange Spanish vegetables. On the perimeters of the market, there are bars, cafes, and shops where you can relax after a stroll through the market where they also make the best easy salad recipes.

3. Go on a shopping spree.

The city of Valencia is also a perfect place to go shopping. Each area has its own weekly street market. There are also independent shops where you can get a variety of things with an international taste. The city of Valencia also has multipurpose malls such as Nuevo Centro, Aqua and El Saler. There are also so many other beautiful malls in the outskirts of Valencia, e.g., El Osito.

4. The famous Fallas festival.

The Fallas festival is known worldwide for its weirdness and loudness. It is the most spectacular time in the city of Valencia. There are statues exhibited throughout the week. People throwing fireworks. There are also street parties and parading and dressing up of unique outfits. There is more to the Fallas festival that you just have to discover by yourself.

5. The Central squares.

The tree lined squares with cool shades will give you a shadow from the scorching sun during summer. Plaza de la Reina is the most beautiful of them all. It is a great place to stroll or hang out with friends and family. There are eating joints too. However, you should be cautious, tourists are often overcharged, to it would be better if you went to restaurants the locals use. For foodies, you can sample the Valencian paella at the Malvarrosa city Beach.

These are among the best places to spend your day or night in Valencia, and you will genuinely live to remember each moment.